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Shipment Tracking

Extreme weather, port congestion, and labor shortages can cause major shipment delays and have costly impacts. While disruptions throughout the shipping cycle are inevitable, ocean shippers need to quickly respond and communicate changes to supply chain stakeholders and customers to mitigate the impact.

However, it can be challenging with data sources and systems that offer inconsistent shipment status updates, out of sequence events, high latency information flows, and a lack of context about delays. Shippers and the many departments that rely on the shipping updates, require faster access to data, increased visibility to proactively manage potential disruptions, and insights to improve performance.

Whether you want updates through a single platform or you would like to extract updates by APIs, IQAX offers powerful data through multiple channels so that you can increase visibility to best serve your operations and customers.




IQAX TrackIt

Collaborate on predictive insights and carrier performance

Start each day with a bird’s eye view of your shipments, analyze potentially delayed shipments, and take action with your colleagues to mitigate risks. Visualizing your shipments through an intelligent platform removes the detective work so that you can optimize your performance.



Empower Your Team with Predictive Visibility

IQAX TrackIt is a real-time ocean shipment visibility platform for shippers to visualize and gain insights about their cargo in transit. Its sophisticated engine combines data from multiple sources and leverages a digital twin, AI, and machine learning to continuously harmonize the data with enriched route information to correct and fill shipment visibility gaps through the shipment journey.

Displaying a unified view of your shipments, IQAX TrackIt empowers you to identify potential delays, view predictive ETDs and ETAs for better planning on a map and in a calendar view, and stay one step ahead of your shipments.

Each potentially delayed shipment that you catch earlier can mean avoiding tens of thousands of dollars in detention and demurrage charges, chargebacks, lost sales, or factory waiting times.

Elevate Your Supply Chain Operations


Gain control of your shipments with predictive insights

  • Proactively manage potential disruptions with earlier notice to work with your carriers to make corrections, implement contingency plans and communicate updates with customers
  • Discover the context of delays to understand the disruption type to determine how best to respond and analyze for future performance improvement
  • Manage unforeseen events with predictive ETDs and ETAs so that you have a more accurate picture of departure and arrival times for planning

Reduce costs by improving your responsiveness to disruptions

  • Manage downstream logistics with a bird’s eye view of your vessels’ locations to save time analyzing multiple data sources and have a single version of truth for your shipments
  • Monitor transit times and dwell times to quickly prioritize and drill down on the details of carriers, ports, and shipments that need immediate attention
  • Focus on your most critical shipments that could have costly impacts if delayed by having multi-dimensional views and analytics of your shipments

Streamline supply chain operations with enhanced collaboration

  • Quickly identify, investigate, and add comments to shipment disruptions for teams to save time determining cargo status and avoid not repeatedly investigating delays
  • Improve customer service with comprehensive information and quick responsiveness for customer-facing teams to access directly from the platform
  • Analyze reasons for delays to support discussions and negotiations with carriers

Boost future performance with on-time and transit time analysis

  • Visualize the monthly trends and severity of delays to see your overall performance
  • Identify the port pairs and carriers that need the most improvement to find alternate routes and carriers
  • Analyze transit time performance trends for your past shipments to improve planning




Take Action on Your Shipment Data, from Any View




IQAX TrackIt Use Cases


Accelerate Shipment Tracking

A large auto parts exporter uses IQAX TrackIt to look up shipment status faster for customers and gain insights about exceptions earlier than ever before.

Collaborate for Higher Performance

A chemicals exporter turns to IQAX TrackIt for their global teams to access the same view of their shipments to improve efficiencies and service discussions with carriers.

Reduce Supply Chain Bottlenecks

A large sporting goods exporter requires detailed, real-time insights to identify bottlenecks in the cargo flow and prioritize follow-up actions.

IQAX Shipment Tracking API


Build advanced shipment visibility into your systems

Continuous shipment updates from multiple data sources are hard to combine and reconcile to determine the latest status, yet it is critical for parties in the supply chain to know the latest shipment status to ensure cargo is delivered on time and to optimize performance.

IQAX offers the Shipment Tracking API for shippers to access their active shipments’ route and event milestones throughout the shipment cycle. Make your enhanced shipment updates accessible to your enterprise systems and create new apps to optimize your supply chain planning and analysis.

Access trusted shipment tracking data with intelligent insights

Combining your shipment data from multiple sources and harmonizing and enriching the data to correct and fill in visibility gaps, the Shipment Tracking API provides a unified data model of your shipments. With both the original and the harmonized data, you can follow up with your carriers to investigate differences.

For added insights, IQAX leverages a digital twin, AI, and machine learning to provide predictive ETDs and ETAs that can alert you to updates requiring attention and help you improve planning.

IQAX offers the API in a push or pull interface to integrate with your application design.


Business Benefits


Make Enhanced Shipment Updates Accessible to Systems and Apps

  • Integrate visibility data with your TMS and ERP systems, saving time consolidating and entering data
  • Combine tracking data with your data to create reports and run analyses

Fuel Your Systems With Shipment Tracking APIs

  • Active shipments’ route and milestone details
  • Predictive ETAs for the last port of discharge
  • ATDs and ATAs for each leg of the journey

Boost Your KPIs With Enriched Data

  • Gain control over complex global supply chains with trusted data to remove supply chain bottlenecks
  • Make faster, more accurate decisions
  • Evaluate supply chain efficiency and performance




IQAX Tracking Link API


Share active shipment information with your trading partners on an interactive map

While port congestion and extensive shipment delays persist in 2022, shippers need to continuously let their customers know when their cargo will be arriving, which can be time consuming with prolonged delays and often shared by emails and calls.

The IQAX Tracking Link API lets shippers track active shipments on a map and share information with your trading partners. The pre-built UI allows shippers to easily extend visibility to customers and vendors for the latest shipment status, alerts, route details, and position on a map to save time communicating shipment updates and improve customer service.


Business Benefits


Share Shipment Route, Location, and Exceptions With Customers

  • Access an interactive view of in-transit shipments
  • View the latest schedules and container milestones
  • Spot shipment delays and changes

Illuminate Your Customers' Visibility

  • Improve communications and customer service
  • Save time finding out shipment status
  • Discover exceptions early to take corrective action

Empower Your Developers

  • Easily extend visibility without sensitive data
  • Save time developing a user interface to access route, map, status, and alerts of a single shipment


Start sharing in-depth shipment information and context through custom-generated URLs to extend visibility directly to customers who do not have access to your internal systems.





White Paper

Mitigating Risk in Ocean Shipping: A Supply Chain Executive's Action Plan


Real time visibility into where shipments are, where they are going and when they will get there is key for shippers to minimize and mitigate risks to supply chains brought about by shortages, climate change, labor scarcities and pandemic fatigue. A high level of visibility is also key for CSCOs and other executives to maintain the integrity and efficiency of their operations. According to the 2021 Gartner View from the Board of Directors survey, six out of ten boards of directors of manufacturing companies ramped up digital initiatives to address disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Download our white paper to tap into powerful digital solutions for transformative visibility to better deal with unexpected disruptions and eliminate blind spots in increasingly complex supply chains.



Product Sheet

Digital Twin: The Technology of the Future in Shipping and Logistics


A digital twin is essentially a virtual simulation of real-life situations that can generate countless scenarios to fill gaps in data and help with planning and proactively overcome challenges. A May 2022 study by IQAX found that the use of prediction models increases the accuracy of estimated times of arrival by an average of between 20% to 30%. By using a digital twin, IQAX TrackIt gives users access to significant improvements in terms of data and information compared to only using an electronic data interchange (EDI).
Download our product sheet to learn more about the application of powerful simulation technology and how it can support shippers and logistics providers to address multiple pain points.






IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.