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Manually managing the complexities and high volumes of business operations required to support the shipping cycle pose NVOCCs major challenges in process management, error avoidance and staff expenses. IQAX solutions that provide fast, high-quality document processing globally throughout the supply chain can eliminate the risk of human error and manual processing.


Operations Optimizer


Velocity is a cloud-based solution that digitalizes the orchestration process, to deliver to NVOs fast, reliable, high-quality documentation processing globally.

Velocity focuses on:
  • Process Management: Manages the overall process from customer requests, document auto-conversion, document or invoice issuing, business activity monitoring, to integration of SOPs
  • Quality Management: Avoids errors due to unnecessary human input and inconsistent output
  • People Management: Allocates resources at the right time and right place and for better employee retention


Velocity enables you to:
  • Transform traditional shipping documentation processes into a digitalized and automated approach
  • Oversee resource allocation in the documentation process globally for immediate action and future planning
  • Save operations cost through efficiency gains through streamlining and standardizing business operations processes
  • Maximize internal resources and deploy globally through improved, accelerated decision-making
  • Improve competitiveness, facilitate retention and win new business