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Global trade, one of the earliest business practices in the world, is still a major economic driver for countries around the world. The value of world merchandised trade in 2022 totalled USD 32 trillion*, of which, maritime trade volumes reached 11 billion tons^ in 2021. The entire global commerce process is powered by millions of business entities, surfing the waves of the global GDP.
For continued prosperity, businesses must adapt to volatility. The strongest embrace opportunities, exercise agility, and dynamically implement new solutions to get work done. Their limitless mindset ignites the desire to adapt, challenges the status quo, breaks new ground, and realizes ambitious goals.
* Source: World Trade Organization
^ Source: Review of Maritime Transport 2022, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development



IQAX - Intelligence to Accelerate Transformation


IQAX is an independent entity with a deep understanding of ocean shipping and a strong heritage in global trade digitalization and logistics visibility.

Our mission - We Spearhead Shipping Digitalization To Create A Harmonized Global Trade Environment.

Successful ongoing operations of the global trade industry are founded on the complex and intricate cooperation between parties, running parallel streams of shipments, documentation, physical movements, customs clearance, and financial processing workflows. Digitalization not only supports the optimization of each player’s internal value creation, it presents clear opportunities to eliminate the duplication, dissipation, and gaps within this parallel paradigm among stakeholders.      

Leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology, IQAX is launching solutions to create an industry-first: an ecosystem that transcends the limitations of the parallel working paradigm to deliver predictive analytics, end-to-end visibility, and digitalized process management throughout the entire supply chain. 

IQAX is focused on facilitating the collaboration of industry players in the global trade value chain and the accelerate sustainable digital transformation by bringing tangible solutions for solving real business challenges. We look forward to the journey ahead together in realizing the benefits of digital transformation in global trade.

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IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.