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COSCO SHIPPING Lines' IBOX Reefer-powered "Cherry Express" service, exemplifies how technology can transform logistics operations and deliver freshness and quality right in time for significant cultural celebrations. Watch the details to know more.


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“With the data provided by IQAX Big Schedules, we can obtain sailing schedule data 8 weeks in advance depending on departure port and destination port. It covers all the required sailing schedule data of FS.
……FS uses the API to digitize processes thereby improving operational quality, perfecting route planning, saving manpower and time to search for the latest sailing schedules and facilitating the automation of the quotation process.”

Mr Eddy Lo
Assistant Manager, Implementation Department

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Our Valued Technology Partners

IQAX partners with leading technology companies* to jointly offer robust solutions that drive digital transformation in shipping and logistics. Our integrations with these trusted providers enable us to deliver enhanced value to customers.


*List in no particular order.




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IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.